What is foreign exchange?


What is Foreign Exchange?

Have you've ever been abroad? Had dealings with an international business? Been into a bank? If you answered yes to any of these questions you will have definitelyheard of Foreign Exchange. However it can be hard to know what this term actually means, this guide will tell you all you'll need to know about Foreign Exchange.

Foreign Exchange

In it's most basic form the term Foreign Exchange describes the buying, selling and exchange of currencies on a worldwide scale. The Foreign Exchange market is the term used to describe the location of this trading, sometimes referred to as FX, Forex or the currency market it is the environment used to exchange and trade currencies. It operates twenty-four hours a day to accommodate different time zones and operates from on weekdays, fifty-two weeks of the year.

The process ofForeign Exchange comprises financial companies acting as traders between a selection of purchasers and suppliers on a global scale, from large corporate businesses to everyday people going on vacation.Foreign Exchange dictates the value of each countries currency and is an important factor of investment and international trade markets.Foreign exchange is something that nearly every person will deal with at least once and now with the increase in international it is likely most will have several experiences with Foreign Exchange in their lifetime.Any and all dealings you make in a currency different tothe one used in your home nation is Foreign Exchange - this includes transactions carried out for holidays, travel, emigration and international trade.

The Foreign Exchange Industry

The process that aid international trade is referred to as currency conversion, this basically means if a company in America wanted to import products or services from the France, it has to pay in Euros even though its own currency is dollars.Foreign Exchange enables this transaction to be possible by working as a middleman and changing the Dollar into Pound Euros before it reaches the intended recipient, Foreign Exchange is responsible for converting currencies.

In a most examples of Currency Exchange, one party purchases a sum of a currency by paying an amount of another currency. There are several influences that can effect the value of a currencythis can include Government legislation, economic variables such as consumer confidence, natural disasters and more recently the European recession.

Foreign Exchange is an extremely lucrative market and is growing continuously with the daily turnover of over $4 trillion. The UK handles around 40% of all transactions making the country the most important foreign exchange base globally.

Foreign exchange specialists

Foreign Exchange specialistor currency brokers are able to help with a plethora of foreign currency requirements. Their role is to assess your circumstances and requirements, then locate the best possible deal for your personal situations and transfer stipulations.

It is the responsibility of a Foreign Exchange specialistto closely monitor the money markets and connect currency trends with world news in order to have a comprehensive knowledge of what's affecting market fluctuations. Although they are restricted in offering detailed suggestions to customers, this information enables them to answer questions thoroughly and provide expert assistance.

Advantages of Foreign Exchange

Banks are often the most obvious choice when people look to exchange their money, although often the most obvious choice they are not always necessarily the best. A company specialising in Foreign Exchange will often beat mainstream alternatives for both value for money and trading rates. Brokers will commonly offer highly competitive exchange rates on all major currencies, often beating the rates of the high street banks by over 3% on Foreign Exchange products.

Disadvantages of Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange is an incredibly financially rewarding industry, however there are downfalls that you should be aware of especially if you plan to use Foreign Exchange for business or investment purposes. For example several government central banks sometimes choose to intervene in the markets in order to preserve the value of their currency, unbeknown to the average investor; the currency value is artificially strengthened or weakened, making it difficult to make trades based on market fundamentals.

Around 75% of all trades involving Foreign Exchange are made between dealers and corporate businesses likebanks; they make substantial sized trades and therefore work off wholesale prices. As private investor, you however, are forced to buy and sell at the retail price.

The difference is known as the spread, and shows itself in the form of commissions and fees paid to the investor's broker.

Unlike typical trading exchanges with a central location, the Foreign Exchange market is open for trading 24 hours a day. With fluctuations in the value of currencies being triggered from traders on a worldwide scale, it's a continuous challenge to remain profitable.

Several Foreign Exchange brokers build price suspensions into their operations that are enforced when major news events or large fluctuations in the market occur. This ensures investors are not able to trade during the most profitable periods.


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