Prime Meridian Direct (Vehicle Insurance)
With nearly 500 000 accidents and 140 000 thefts and hijackings on our roads each year, choosing to drive without motor insurance is a risky decision - yet millions of SA motorists make this choice every day often because traditional comprehensive motor insurance is just too expensive.But now with Total Loss Protection from Prime Meridian Direct, everyone can afford to insure their car!Insuring a R75,000 car for total loss can cost as little as R260 per month!
Location: South Africa
1. Pay no excess when you claim!
2. Your premiums never increase!
3. Cover for accidental write-off
4. Cover for theft & natural disaster
5. 3rd Party Protection
6. Get cash back!
7. No discrimination because of where you live!
8. A Non-discriminatory premium calculation process!
Total Loss Protection does not cover:
1. The cost of repairing the damage caused by an accident where the vehicle is not written off.
2. The cost of towing and storage in the event of a minor accident or breakdown. Be sure to check whether you have also purchased a Motor Assist policy as this will be able to assist in these circumstances. In the event of accidental writeoff, Total Loss Protection will reimburse you for any towing or storage costs incurred up to a maximum of R2 500.
3. The cost of hiring a rental vehicle while your own vehicle is being repaired.
4. Claims arising whilst consciously acting in violation of any South African law.
1. Prime Total Loss Protection
2. Prime Motor Assist

Policy Name: Prime Total Loss Protection
Policy Cost: From R260 a month
Policy Deductable: Ask on application

Cover Type: Car Insurance
Cover Level: A, B and C
Cover Detail:
1. Plan A - 50% trade cover both for theft/hijacking and also for accidentla write-off.
2. Plan B - 75% trade cover both for theft/hijacking and also for accidentla write-off.
3. Plan C - 100% trade cover both for theft/hijacking and also for accidentla write-off.

Application Methods: Online
Underwriter: RMB Structured Insurance Limited
Pay Monthly: Yes

For those seeking cheap car insurance.
1. You must be a SA resident.
To anyone with a driving license.

Vehical Info: Cars
Driver Info: You must be a South African resident.
Prime Meridian Direct (Which Way To Pay South Africa - 11/2/2013)
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