AA Advantage Cover (Travel Insurance)
AA Travel Insurance, powered by Regent, offers you a range of policies to suit your budget, travel activities and age group, providing you with peace of mind, together with assistance when required. AA Travel Insurance covers various situations which are often excluded from cover offered by credit card companies and healthcare plans. PLUS, when you book on line, you earn a 10% reduction and the cancellation cover becomes effective from date of purchase. Please make sure that you read the terms and conditions.
Location: South Africa
1. AA Advantage Plus Cover
2. AA Advantage Cover
3. AA Action Cover
4. AA Alliance Cover
5. AA Business Complete Cover
6. AA Tourist-to-SA CoverAAIM (Africa, Asia, Indian Ocean and Middle East) Cover
7. AA Top-up Cover

Policy Name: AA Travel Insurance
Policy Cost: From R210 (1-8 days)
Policy Deductable: R500

Cover Type: Travel Insurance
Cover Level: 7 levels
Cover Detail:
1. R 60,000,000 cover for medical emergencies and related expenses.
2. R 300,000 pre-existing medical conditions cover.
3. R 5,000,000 medical cover while participating in adventure sports

Application Methods: Online, telephone
Underwriter: Regent
Pay Monthly: No

Cover for the traveller who understands that travel insurance is important, but is watching their budget.
1. Age limit is 69 years old
You must have a South African ID number
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Destination: Worldwide
Duration: Up to 12 months
Personal Liability: R25,000,000
Overseas Medical Expenses: R25,000,000
Overseas Emergency Assistance: R25,000,000
Cancellation Cover: R20000
Personal Cover: R25,000,000
AA Advantage Cover (Which Way To Pay South Africa - 15/8/2013)
AA Advantage Cover is ranked 3 out of 5. Based on 1 review.

3 Star Rating

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