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What is Pet Insurance?

Many people across South Africa have a pet. Unfortunately veterinary bills can be really expensive so with pet insurance should your pet get injured or suffer an illness you can have peace of mind that these costs are covered for.

What Cover is offered?

Most insurance firms offer a range of pet plans. In most cases you can choose from basic to more specialised cover.

Some common cover areas include:

  • Vet Fees
  • Illness
  • Death
  • Kennel/Boarding Costs
  • Lost Pets Ė Advertising and Reward
  • Stolen/Stray pets
  • Holiday Cancellation
  • Third Part Liability
  • Theft

Make sure you are exactly clear about what your policy covers. If something were to happen to you pet and your claim was void because the cover you took out was inadequate, then you could be faced with extremely large costs.

Is my Pet eligible?

When deciding on which policy to take, make sure that your pet fits the requirements set out by the insurance provider. If you have a more unusual pet, then you may need more specialised cover so you should take your time and research different products available on the market. Remember to look at exactly what isnít covered in each policy as well as what is.

Where can I buy Pet Insurance?

You can get pet insurance exactly the same way as with other types of insurance. Simply use the comparison tool on Which Way To Pay to weigh up and review a range of pet insurance providers in South Africa. With many different companies offering pet cover take the time to research the right policy for you.


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