Welcome to our Money area. Whether you are looking for a safe way of storing your money or even if you are having trouble with mounting debts there are numerous products available which can improve your financial well being. If you want to check your credit score then there are tools availble to help you. Get the best deals and more out of your money by unleashing its full potential.


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A range of money products and services are available in the money area of our site. Whether you need some debt management to take control your finances or are looking for the best savings and current accounts we list some of the leading providers in South Africa. You can get the best deal with our user friendly comparison tables by clicking on one of the links below.

Credit Reports

As soon as you open a bank account or apply for a loan your credit report will start. You should stay in the know about your credit history because a good credit history can be one of your most valuable assets and the information inside it will be used by banks, lenders and other finance companies. Many people do not realise how much your credit history can affect you. It is important to regularly check and update your report in case it contains any wrong information or your situation changes.

At Which Way To Pay we have created an area that shows you the different services with which you can manage your credit information. Staying informed can also alert you to any signs of potential fraud. We can help you find the right way to maintain your credit report.

Debt Management

At one time or another, thousands of people across South Africa will go into debt. If you are struggling to cope with mounting debts you can get the help you need to get back on track. With a variety of options available to you why not seek a debt management service today?

With one of the debt management products that we list you can be confident that your case will be dealt with professionally and effectively to help you solve your financial troubles as conveniently as possible. As each case depends on individual circumstance you can be sure you find a tailored made plan that best suits you.

Financial Management

If you are looking for a way to manage your personal finances more efficiently then you might want to consider a financial management plan. An online financially planning tool makes paying off your debt and saving money easier. You can create budgets to know exactly how much you spend and track your progress, whether you are saving or trying to pay off your debts. You can see all your accounts in one place and all your transactions can be organised to so you can easily view where your money goes.

Some financial planning tools are complete free and can help you manage multiple accounts, your income, expenses and transactions. Financial planning can be very beneficial because you can analyse possible financial problems and ways to avoid them. There is no better time than now to start preparing for the future and with the help of efficient financial planning you'll be looking at a stable future in no time. At Which Way To Pay we have created an area that shows you different management tools that are available for our customers in South Africa.

Current Accounts

A current account is an essential product used by most people. Just about everyone in South Africa can get a current account. They are created for your everyday spending and financial needs and are offered by numerous banks and financial organisations across South Africa.

There is such a large variety of current accounts that finding one that helps you make the most of your money can be overwhelming. We have made it easy for you to compare some of the top current accounts offered by South Africa's leading banks and other institutions. Once you have taken your time to research properly and compare all the different features and benefits of different account providers with Which Way To Pay you can be assured that you have found the best current account for your situation.

Savings Accounts

The need for saving has never been more important than in today's climate. But what is the best way to save? With so many types of savings accounts out there how do you chose the best one? You can put your money away where it can earn interest until you need it. People get savings accounts to save money for a variety of reasons such as a new home, holiday or car. Savings accounts are a great way of saving for the future but there is a wide range on the market to choose from.

Help your money grow with some of the leading savings account providers in South Africa who offer great interest rates at Which Way To Pay. You can browse the best savings deals and find the right account directly online.


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