UK Forex Money Transfer (Money Transfer)
UKForex offers excellent rates on Foreign Exchange, whether emigrating, buying a holiday home or purchasing goods overseas, UKForex can help you with your money transfer and make significant savings. With access to a 24hr dealing desk manned by efficient and friendly staff giving you peace of mind that your funds are dealt with safely and securely. Please make sure that you read the terms and conditions before you make a money transfer so that you fully understand the process. Click here for more information regarding UK Forex.
Location: Worldwide
1. Global 24hr dealing desk.
2. Live market prices online.
3. Access to a dedicated dealer
4. Online or phone execution.
5. Forward Exchange Contracts.
6. Limit Orders.
7. Complete price transparency.
8. Buying and Selling all major currencies.
1. No cash payments.
2. No credit or debit cards accepted.
Please see UKFOREX website for Terms & Conditions

Costs/Fees: R50 under R29,900 Free over R29,900
Payment Types: Electronic Bank Transfer, BACS, CHAPS
Transfer Locations: Electronic Bank Transfer, BACS, CHAPS
Transfer Methods: Online, Telephone
Transfer Speed: 1-3 days
Transfer Minimum: R7160
Transfer Maximum: Unlimited

Online application (Photo ID, Proof of address depending verification)
Security Statement:
UKFOREX is a UK registered company (Reg No: 4631395) and are regulated by HM Revenue & Customs under MLR Registration Number: 12219180. All funds are held with major banking institutions around the world. i.e. Barclays, Westpac, Bank of New York.
Terms and Conditions:
Please see UKFOREX website for Terms & Conditions

Number Of Currencies: 21
Currencies Available:
1. Australian Dollar
2. British Pound
3. Canadian Dollar
4. Euros
5. Danish Kroner
6. Fiji Dollar
7. Hong Kong Dollar
8. Japanese Yen
9. New Zealand Dollar
10. Norwegian Kroner
11. Papua New Guinea Kina
12. Polish Zloty
13. Singapore Dollar
14. South African Rand
15. Swedish Krona
16. Swiss Franc
17. Thai Baht
18. US Dollar
19. Mexican Peso
20. Philippines Peso
21. Indian Rupee
UK Forex Money Transfer (Which Way To Pay ZA - 25/7/2013)
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UK Forex Money Transfer
UK Forex Money Transfer