All Life (Life Insurance)
Simple, affordable life and disability insurance for HIV Positive or Diabetic individuals. No waiting period and up to R 5 million cover available. Premiums from R 150 per month. With us you can look forward to being treated as an individual with unique life insurance needs. If you have any concerns or queries regarding a life insurance policy or level of cover please do not hesitate to contact AllLife directly for more information. Please take the time to read the terms and condtions carefully so that you understand what you are purchasing.
Location: South Africa
1. Send AllLife your details and they will be in touch with you within 24 hours.
2. Our life insurance products use a continuous underwriting approach to deliver affordable cover to people who manage their health appropriately.
3. We routinely remind our policyholders of their health commitments, and we alert them to potential health concerns so that they can take appropriate action to maintain their wellbeing.
This unique approach to life insurance enables us to offer more competitively priced cover, and to extend cover to individuals who the established life insurance industry may regard as ‘uninsurable’
1. After 30 days there will be no refund of premiums if policy is cancelled
2. AllLife cannot provide cover to people who have AIDS at the application stage
1. Insurance for people living with HIV
2. Insurance for people living with Diabetes
3. Brokers/Financial Advisors

Policy Name: AllLife Life Insurance
Policy Cost: Varies
Policy Deductable: Varies

Cover Type: Life Insurance
Cover Level: Varies
Cover Detail:
1. Insurance for people living with HIV
2. Insurance for people living with Diabetes
3. Brokers/Financial Advisors

Application Methods: Online, telephone
Underwriter: Centriq Life Insurance Company Limited
Pay Monthly: No

For HIV positive or Diabetic individuals seeking life insurance
You must be HIV positive or have Type 1 or 2 diabetes mellitus and have a valid South African Identity in order to be able to qualify for AllLife Insurance.
For anyone who lives in South Africa with a valid South African Identity Document.

Person Info: Must have HIV or Diabetes
All Life (Which Way To Pay South Africa - 11/2/2013)
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3 Star Rating

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