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It is important to protect valuable assets such as your home. Properly protecting your building and possessions does not have to be expensive. Home insurance can give you peace of mind that should the unexpected happen your property is properly covered against any unforeseen circumstances like theft or damage from fire or flood. Having the right level of insurance will help you get back on track. Listed below is a range of home insurance providers in South Africa. To find the right policy for you it is necessary to compare different providers and the different benefits and added features of each policy. Make sure you know what you want from your home insurance to ensure you have the right cover. Please read the terms and conditions carefully.

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Protect your most valuable asset with the right home insurance. You will be able to find policies that suit a variety of budgets.

Why get Home Insurance?

Your home is probably the most expensive thing that you own. It is the place you sleep, eat, perhaps raise children and it generally holds all your belongings. As it is so important it is not worth taking any chances with.

Insurance is a way of protecting such investments. It makes sense to insure the structure of your property and the contents inside it against a number of risks. The right home insurance means that should anything happen to your home, you are financially protected.

Without home insurance you could face financial ruin trying to pay to repairs and replacements. In a worst case scenario if your house burnt down and you didnít have the insurance or the money to pay for repairs what would you do? Home insurance will provide financial security and peace of mind that should the worst happen you are covered.

What does Home Insurance cover?

You will be able to find insurance that covers any physical damage to the structure of your home caused by events such as fire, subsidence, weather, natural disasters, flooding, explosions and burglary. You can get cover for not only your home but also any outbuildings, gardens, swimming-pools, tennis courts and fences.

You can also get cover for all of the things in your home such as furniture, clothing, electrical equipment and bikes. If you have particular valuables that you want extra protection for such as jewellery, art or anything that is of a particularly high value you should make sure that they are covered by any policy that you are considering.

How much does a Home Insurance policy cost?

The exact cost of a home insurance policy will depend on a variety of aspects. Firstly it will depend on the type of cover you purchases and which insurer you choose. Also where you live and the size or type of home you live in will affect how much you will pay.

The level of cover you take out will affect how much your policy will cost. Additional features on the insurance will increase premiums. To keep premiums down make sure you are only covered for the things you want and for nothing that you donít need. However, remember that the cheapest insurance is not necessarily the best because it is likely to offer the least amount of cover. The aim is to find a comprehensive policy that covers your entire needs at the most competitive price.

Keep policies down by improving your home security. Install locks on your windows and doors, alarm systems and outside lighting. Also fitting smoke alarms and investing in insulation which will help prevent pipes freezing will also help.

Finding the right policy

Home insurance can come in number of different forms and the type of policy which is purchased will depend on your specific needs. You should choose a reliable insurance company that you can be sure will offer you a tailor made policy to suit you and provide help and support should you need to make a claim.

You can get a home insurance quote from many companies easily online or by phone. Most insurers offer an online application form that is straightforward and can be completed in a matter of minutes. To ensure you choose the best insurance policy at the most affordable price, be sure to compare policies from many different providers.

Use the table above to compare different home insurance policies.

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