MS Hospital Cash Plan (Health Insurance)
At MS Life we have developed an affordable Hospital Cash Plan that will provide you with a daily income to offset the financial expenses that you incur whilst in hospital. This health insurance has varying levels of cover, so make sure you get the best for you. The income is paid directly to you, irrespective of whether your hospitalisation was at a state or private hospital. If you have any concerns or queries regarding a health insurance policy or level of cover please do not hesitate to contact MS Hospital Cash Plan directly for more information.
Location: South Africa
1. Cash paid directly to you
2. Cash paid from the second night of hospitalisation!
3. Daily benefit of up to R1000 per day
4. If hospitalisation occurs as a result of an accident, your daily benefit increases
5. Benefits paid for up to 1 year
6. Benefits continue until age 75
1. Hospitalisation claims for non-accident related illnesses will not be paid for the first 6 months
2. Hospitalisation claims relating to childbirth will not be paid for the first 12 months
1. Cancer Insurance
2. Funeral Cover
3. Hospital Cash Plan
4. Life Cover
5. Group Life Insurance

Policy Name: Hospital Cash Plan from MS
Policy Cost: from R95 per month
Policy Deductable: N/A

Cover Type: Hospital Cash Plan
Cover Level: Plan A, B, C, D, and E
Cover Detail:
Single member - level premium option:
1. Plan A - R95 per month
2. Plan B - R110 per month
3. Plan C - R125 per month
4. Plan D - R140 per month
5. Plan E - R155 per month
Family cover - level premium option
1. Plan A - R130 per month
2. Plan B - R180 per month
3. Plan C - R230 per month
4. Plan D - R280 per month
5. Plan E - R 330 per month

Application Methods: Online
Underwriter: Old Mutual
Pay Monthly: Yes

For cover that pays you a daily benefit for each day you are admitted to a hospital
You must have a South African ID number
To any one registered at either a private or state hospital
You can choose a lower premium to start and increase by 10% per annum on a compulsory basis

Health Type: Medical Insurance
Health Info:
Ambulance Cover: Yes
Hospital Cover: No
MS Hospital Cash Plan (Which Way To Pay South Africa - 11/2/2013)
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4 Star Rating

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