Funisure (Funeral Insurance)
Nothing can come more unexpected and cause such drastic changes in our lives than the sudden loss of a loved one. It is therefore not surprising that "Death" is such an unpleasant subject for all of us. Yet we all have to deal with it at some time or other and the trauma when trying to come to terms with the facts of life will be drastically increased if there are insufficient funds available to you or your dependants to cover burial costs and other expenses. Please make sure that you read the terms and conditions of this funeral insurance.
Location: South Africa
1. Lowest possible premiums
2. Minimum administration
3. Claims attended to within 24 hours
4. Complete peace of mind to members
1. All new members are subject to a six months waiting period before cover commences but should a member die as a result of an accident a one month waiting period will apply.
Funeral Insurance

Policy Name: FuniSure
Policy Cost: From R30 per month
Policy Deductable: N/A

Cover Type: Funeral Insurance
Cover Level: 4 levels
Cover Detail:
1. Single with/without children in age group 14 - 59, monthly premium R30 -R95
2. Single without children in age group 60 - 74, monthly premium R50- R210
3. Family Cover where main member in age group 14 - 59, monthly premium R35- R110
4. Family Cover where main member in age group 60 - 74, monthly premium R65 - R295

Application Methods: Online
Underwriter: Insure24 CC
Pay Monthly: Yes

For those seeking funeral insurance
You must have an ID number
For any main member of a policy that is ages 74 or below
Not available

Funeral Info: For any main member aged 74 or below
Funisure (Which Way To Pay South Africa - 11/2/2013)
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4 Star Rating

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