Currencies Direct (Foreign Exchange)
Currencies Direct is a key player in the Foreign Exchange market, providing clients with a fantastic Foreign Currency Exchange payment service. They help you get as much for your foreign currency as you can by offering the best and the most competitive foreign currency exchange rates. Whether you are buying a home abroad, emigrating, sending your children overseas to study or buying something special Currencies Direct can help. If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact the customer service team.
Credit Rating: D&B Level 1 rating
Location: South Africa, Australia, UK, Spain, Canada, India
Languages: English
1. Free to open an account which can be ready to trade within hours
2. Guarantee the rate you receive is within 0.2%-1% of the live interbank spot rate.
3. Can generate a cost saving of between 0.5% to 4% when compared to a high street bank. This is equivalent to a maximum saving ofR25,000 on aR634,000 transaction.
4. Currencies Direct charges no commission and no transaction costs
5. We can reduce your currency risk by offering forward contracts to help set the rate for your future transaction
6. We will keep you informed at all stages of the payment process and provide a more efficient service than your bank
7. All client funds are secure as they are held in segregated client accounts by our banking partner HSBC
8. Currencies Direct is a UK registered Ltd company (Reg No.: 3041197) and operates under the regulation of HM Customs & Excise, adhering to their Anti-Money Laundering Regulations (MLR No.: 12132225)
1. You will undergo an ID check as part of the account opening process which will require additional identification documents to be submitted.
1. Regular Payments.
2. Forward Contacts.
3. Spot Contracts.
4. Stop Loss Orders.
5. Limit Orders.

Established: 1996 FSB 43493
Spread/Margin: 0.2-1%
Costs/Fees: R0 above R31,700
Rate Improved With Volume: Yes
Transfer Methods: South African Bank to Foreign Bank or vice versa
Transfer Speed: Upon receipt of cleared funds US & Western Europe usually occur the same day. Rest of the world 24 hours
Transfer Minimum: R6400
Trust Accounts: HSBC Trust Accounts

Online Trading Platform: No
Currency Converter: No

Forward contracts are utilised by both private and corporate clients to effectively budget for their international payments. A forward contract enables the client to buy currency now at an agreed rate that can be drawn down at any point within the following 24 months. This is a perfect way for an overseas property buyer or private/corporate client who has a series of payments to make to budget for their purchase.
Regular Payments:
The Regular Payments Plan is an excellent product designed for those private and corporate clients who have regular payments to make overseas. For example overseas property mortgage payments, overseas school fees etc. The client can choose from a monthly or quarterly payment plan. The minimum thresholds required to benefit from free transactions are: Monthly payment plan Min R950 / month Quarterly payment plan Min R2500/month The client can choose to have the money sent on either the 1st or 15th of the required month. The client can either fix the sending or receiving amount i.e. send R1270 or beneficiary receives 200
Security Statement:
For Security Information Click Here >>
Terms and Conditions:
See website for details

Number Of Currencies: 32
Currencies Available:
1. United Arab Emirates, Dirhams AED AED
2. Australia, Dollars AUD AUD
3. Bulgarian Lev BGL BGL
4. Canada, Dollars CAD CAD
5. Switzerland, Francs CHF CHF
6. Czech Republic, Koruny CZK CZK
7. Denmark, Kroner DKK DKK
8. Euro Member Countries, Euro EUR EUR
9. United Kingdom, Pounds GBP GBP
10. Hong Kong, Dollars HKD HKD
11. Hungary, Forint HUF HUF
12. Indonesian rupiah IDR IDR
13. Israel, New Shekels ILS ILS
14. India, Rupees INR INR
15. Japan, Yen JPY JPY
16. Kuwaiti dinar KWD KWD
17. Morocco, Dirhams MAD MAD
18. Mauritius, Rupees MUR MUR
19. Norway, Krone NOK NOK
20. New Zealand, Dollars NZD NZD
21. Oman, Rials OMR OMR
22. Pakistan, Rupees PLZ PLZ
23. Qatar, Rials QAR QAR
24. Romanian lei RON RON
25. Saudi Arabia, Riyals SAR SAR
26. Sweden, Kronor SEK SEK
27. Singapore, Dollars SGD SGD
28. Slovakia, Koruny SKK SKK
29. Thailand, Baht THB THB
30. Tunisia, Dinars TND TND
31. United States of America, Dollars USD USD
32. South Africa, Rand ZAR ZAR
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Currencies Direct
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