The South African rand is on the up , due to us housing and employment.

22 April 2015 - Which Way To Pay

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Due to recent weakening of the us Housing and job market, the South African rand sure has strengthen.

With the US House and employment struggling , this has influenced a substantial rise in the strength of the South African Rand.

The US housing market recorded its biggest drop since 1998 in recent reports released recently Whilst this is not good for the US it has proven to dramatically strengthen the South African Rand . Recent figures show the rise is from 0.91 cent to be recorded on the latest reading at 1.235.

Whilst lots of businesses watch the currency market closely this could potential effect everyone who is using the South African Rand .

Many power and energy company's and providers are still trying to get to grips with the movement of the South African Rand. This is due to the big changes that affect fluctuation of currency's and this case it being the South African Rand .

When it comes to changes in currency rates , movement in the market there is always going to be people affected , Eksom south Africa's biggest electricity provider started to issue blackouts to make sure the utility grid didn't collapse.

Also recently there has also been many changes within the Chinese data sector , this also has effects on the Chinese currency fluctuations , therefore this also has affects on the South Africa Rand due to having connections with regards to the increase in Value.

So , no when it comes to smaller businesses , most of these will be affected due to the changes in the strength of the South African Rand . All the time these things are being monitored and will eventually have a affect on everyone and everything within that country , in this case being South Africa .

Reports are showing that the in-fluctuation on the South African Rand will again be at a huge rise in around 6 years time . This is due to recent changes with major company's within the South African Economy.

With the rest of the world at a slow movement on the financial market , the South African Rand is sure showing a strong impact on all financial sectors.

Many will say this is a good thing but then you will always have certain people and business affected by this.



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