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30 July 2012 14:00 - Which Way to Pay

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My Financial Health

New Product! Some things wed prefer not to think about. However, should the unthinkable happen, will your family be covered? What kind of send-off will it be? Make certain you and your loved ones are provided with only the best, no matter how difficult the circumstances. A Funeral Plan can provide cover for yourself only, or for you, your spouse and dependent children as well as your extended family should the need arise.

As a longstanding financial service provider, My Financial Health have a range of funeral products to cater for all their customers. Their Funeral Plan Range allows a client to choose a funeral plan that cover either themselves, their immediate family or even extended family. Funerals can cost anything between R7, 000 and R30, 000. However, if all the necessary documents are in order, the plan will pay out a cash sum within 48 hours of the death of the insured person, giving them peace of mind at a time when they need financial support the most. The Funeral Plan Range is affordable and you could pay as little as R29 a month


1. Choose the plan and level of benefit that suits your individual needs best.

2. You can pay from as little as R29 per month

3. You also get cash back every five years on selected policies, so that you can enjoy some of your money while youre still alive

4. Provided all the necessary documentation is in place, you could receive a cash sum within 48 hours

5. They will provide access to transport the deceased from anywhere in the world to a funeral home closest to the place of burial in South Africa at no additional cost

6. Access to advice on funeral procedures and insurance claims offers services such as: transport of the deceased to a funeral home closest to the place of burial; trauma, assault and HIV treatment; legal support; health advice and emergency medical response.

7. You would also have access to advice on funeral procedures and insurance claims.

Give you and your family the peace of mind to be able to live for today, knowing that tomorrow is taken care of.

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