What You Need To Know About Credit Cards For Students

14 June 2012 16:00 - Victoria Wedderburn

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What You Need To Know About Credit Cards For Students

When you are a student you will need to pay for things like travel, books, accommodation and general day to day living costs. Getting a normal card can be difficult because students are unlikely to have a regular salaried income. Credit cards are a more convenient way of spending and they do offer more protection on purchases than other cards.

Student credit cards are especially created for university and college students. They do have lower credit limits but are a great way of starting to build up your credit score. A good credit history can be a valuable asset because in the future your credit report will be used by banks, lenders and other financial institutions for when you are applying for a loan or mortgage. As long as they are used correctly student credit cards will put you in a better financial standing once you have finished your education.

These cards should not be used as an easy way of borrowing money. To use the card correctly you should always try and clear your balance each month which means that you won’t be charged interest. Some cards will also charge you to withdraw cash so keep this in mind.  If you fail to use the card properly you could affect your credit rating which could cause you problems in the future.


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