Protect Your Pet With Pet Insurance

11 October 2012 13:00 - Which Way to Pay

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Protect Your Pet With Pet Insurance

For those of you that have a pet you will understand how cats and dogs alike have become part of the family. Therefore many pet owners want to give their pets their own health insurance coverage.  Pet insurance can care can vary in cost depending on the coverage plan that the owner chooses. Also dog’s health insurance can cost more or less than cat insurance depending on the breeds and so on. Basic pet insurance can run at a cover of just a few pounds a month. However if you opt for the highest level of insurance you can find you are paying R100 a month.

The most basic form of pet insurance covers emergency situations such as accidents, including car accidents or dog attacks, also it covers accidental poison ingestion, foreign objection ingestion, X-rays and surgeries necessary for any of the conditions mentioned earlier. On top of this if offers additional medical treatment is often also included for any of the above-mentioned conditions. Basic pet insurance is the most affordable and most common coverage. However there are some who want to protect their pet with premium pet insurance which covers things like chemotherapy and cancer support, arthritis in cats and dogs, preventive care including annual exams, annual vaccinations and dental cleaning. Some companies will also cover disease that certain breeds are inclined to, such as hip dysplasia.  For many, low cost pet insurance that offer the basic accident coverage is a necessity.


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