Private health insurance for extra peace of mind

13 May 2013 - James Larkin

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Private health insurance for extra peace of mind

Why take out private health insurance if the state provides it already?  

It is true that the state offers healthcare, and basic treatment and medical care are guaranteed.   This is why many people don't think private health insurance is necessary.

However, as good as the public health might be, public funds can only make sure that essential medical care is given.   This means that for treatments which are not urgent, long waiting times have to be taken into account, and for anything like for example special treatments or private care, patients have to pay out of their own pocket.

Private health insurance

Having private health insurance means that you can go to the doctor of your choice, you are free to choose the kind of treatment you prefer, and you don't have to deal with long waiting times.   You and your family will be treated as a private patient in hospitals and can benefit from extra support and medical advice.

The costs of private health insurance

Before taking out private health insurance, have a look at different policies and insurance packages. Private health insurance does not have to cost a lot, and depends on the kind of cover you need. Different levels are offered.    When applying for private health insurance one has to answer questions about one's state of health, which will determine the monthly contribution.    People at a certain age and with pre-existing health problems will have to pay more than young and healthy people.




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