Making sure that beloved pet has the correct Pet Insurance Cover.

07 October 2014 - Which Way To Pay

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Why pay a premium for Pet Insurance Cover

We all know what it's like when getting offered all these different insurance covers for the car , home . travel etc , but the one insurance most people forget to purchase is Pet Insurance. Whether it's a small vaccination or a kennels fee , all this is covered on most Pet insurance covers. Whilst a lot of people think its unnecessary to cover that beloved pet , realistically if you look at the fact of how much it will actually cost you , it will defiantly be more than paying a monthly premium of a s little as 43R per month. When it comes to choosing the right cover for your pets , always remember that certain things are not covered therefore read the policy through to make sure you are fully covered for what you require on your Pet Insurance Policy.

Saving Money is what every pet owner wants

With a lot of the Pet Insurance providers , they will sometimes offer you discounted rates if there is more than one pet within the household , this is also a good time to compare different companies for their premiums as we all know it's nice to save money on things like this. Pet Insurance cover is not only for things such as veterinary bills , it also covers for things such as holiday cancellation , accidents and also kennel/ cattery fees.

Tips for when choosing the best cover for your pet insurance cover

Many people obviously like a few tips on choosing the best cover for your pets , Here you will find a few tips on what to look for when choosing that perfect pet insurance cover.

  • Always make sure you declare any pre-existing medical issues your pet may have , as this can sometimes affect the claim if one was to be made.
  • Ask the Pet Insurance provider if they use a benefit schedule in their policy , this is a list of diagnoses with the maximum amount of treatment that is included for that particular diagnosis.
  • Check if the Pet Insurance policy includes genetic conditions , this can be something like retriever Labradors are more prone to hip dysplasia , therefore if you own a retriever Labrador you need to make sure this is included in the pet insurance cover.



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