How to get approval when you apply for your first credit card

03 April 2014 - Which Way To Pay

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Prepare yourself to ensure approval first time you apply for a credit card

Obtaining approval on your first credit card application can be tricky if you have zero credit history. If you do your research on your credit history before you apply then you are increasing your chances of success. Although it may sound strange, lenders are less likely to provide credit to those that do not have a credit history. Lenders see first time applicants as more of a risk because they have nothing to base their assessment on. They have no idea if you are likely to make your repayments or not. For this reason, it is important that you prepare for your credit card application.

Why donít you use your poor credit rating credit card to build your credit history?

Apply for a poor credit rating credit card so that you can build your credit history. You must ensure that you make your repayments every month in full and just as importantly on time every month. You will soon see your credit history develop if you follow this simple rule. Although interest rates on poor credit rating credit cards are very high, if you make your repayments in full every month, you do not need to worry about what the interest rate will be.

How to build your credit history with a credit card

Use this card regularly so you can build up your credit history, you will then be able to apply online for another credit card, at a competitive rate with great benefits, and have a higher chance of being accepted.



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