Do you know your credit score? Check your FREE credit report today and iron out mistakes

18 February 2014 - Which Way To Pay

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Three reasons you must get your free credit report and credit score online

Ensuring you get your credit report and credit history in order is essential. Every South African citizen has the right to request one free credit report every year so you should ensure that you take advantage of this. Below are just a few reasons why you should keep on top of your credit report.

Do any errors need correcting on your credit report?

It would be a mistake to assume that what is on your credit report is fully accurate. You must check your credit score to ensure that it is error free. By ensuring that you get your credit report annually, which you are entitled to do, you will be able to look over it and iron out any mistakes that you notice.

Viewing your credit report will give you a better chance of credit approval

Donít wait until you need credit to pay for a bill or buy yourself a treat, you need to know today what your chances of credit approval are. By knowing your credit score and correcting any errors you have a better chance of obtaining approval on any credit applications.

Checking your credit report will reduce you chance of fraud

Identity theft is becoming more and more common, so it has never been more important to ensure that this doesnít happen to you. By evaluating your credit report annually you are able to fix any problems and catch the perpetrators in their tracks.



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