Car Insurance: Top tips to keep your car insurance premium down

29 October 2013 - Which Way To Pay

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Does a no claims bonus actually make your car insurance cheaper?

A no claims bonus is one of the best ways to make substantial savings on your car insurance and more often than not you could end up saving up to 30% off your premium in one year. Earn yourself five years continuous no claims and your discount could be more like 60% off the price you would otherwise have been quoted.

Avoid making a claim on your car insurance

If you can avoid claiming on your car insurance policy, you will start to accrue a no claims discount for every year that you have insurance and do not make a claim. Unfortunately, even if the accident was not your fault your no claims could still be effected a claim is still a claim. Watch out, this is even the case for uninsured drivers.

How to earn no claims on your car insurance

Earn a no claims discount on all types of vehicle insurance policies, including third party, fire and theft. The maximum number of years you can obtain a no claims discount for is usually five years, however, always check the terms and conditions of the individual policy as some companies offer up to eight years!

Can I protect my no claims bonus?

The simple answer to this is, yes. A great way to safeguard your no-claim bonus is to pay an additional amount on top of your car insurance to protect it. This means if you were going to make a claim on your car insurance, your no claims would remain the same.



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