Debt Lab Debt Counselling (Debt Management)
The aim of Debt Counselling is to assist you if you have overspent, without having to hand over your assets (e.g. your home). The resulting Debt Management Solution is to develop a repayment plan that is affordable to the consumer and acceptable to the creditors. This is done by outlining an affordable way to pay off all existing debt. Our approved Debt Management Solution partner is a professional service regulated by the new National Credit Act with fully qualified debt counsellors, registered with the National Credit Regulator.
Location: South Africa
1. Helps you avoid administration and insolvency
2. Helps you pay just one amount each month towards all your debt
3. Helps you to solve your debt problems
1. Debt Management Solution will affect your credit rating. However, if you can't get a loan, there could already be something wrong with your credit rating in which case you will already be listed on the credit bureau.
1. Calculate the ratio of spend to earn, to determine by how much you are overspending on a monthly basis
2. Issue an urgent application for debt review
3. Call all your creditors and credit bureaus on your behalf
4. Negotiate with creditors for new affordable installments
5. Provide a plan for a single monthly payment, which combines all existing debt into a combined fixed monthly installment
6. Continue to assist you with all financial decisions until you are debt free

Debt Options: Debt management plans
Minimum Debt: R1000
Minimum Monthly Income: Varies
Write Off Options: Varies on financial situation

Terms and Conditions:
Ask on application
ID number and financial details
You must have a South African ID number
For those in financial difficulty looking for an affordable way to pay off all existing debt without having to hand over your assets (e.g home)
Debt Lab Debt Counselling (Which Way To Pay South Africa - 9/2/2013)
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4 Star Rating

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