Welcome to our Currency Exchange area. If you are looking to transfer money overseas then we can help you find the cheapest and most efficient money transfer services available. Whether you are a private or corporate individual the foreign exchange specialists listed can help you with your international money transfer needs. Remittance services are also available.


Compare Currency Exchange Products

If you need secure, quality foreign exchange services that is well priced Which Way to Pay South Africa can help you find the best offer on the market. We can help you get access to foreign currency, set up one off transfers or even regular overseas transactions. We list the top exchange companies available that offer a fast service that is convenient and easy to apply for.

You may need pay for property or services abroad, or transfer small or large amounts to a friend or company. Whatever your needs our tried and tested comparison charts help you make the right decision.

Foreign Currency Exchange for Private Clients

If you need to send R12, 000 or more to a foreign account we list services that can do this for you. We can find you a more convenient and cheaper service than most institutions that can offer better deals than your bank. All you have to do choose one the companies listed and click the “apply” tab next to the product that you want. Whatever your currency exchange needs, customers can find products for individuals and companies and browse the rates and offers in the comparison area.

Foreign exchange brokers specialise in working with foreign currencies and are committed to dealing with your request as fast as possible. At Which Way To Pay we list only quality brokers who can offer clients not only the best exchange rates available but their expertise in currency exchange. They will offer you support and professional assistance throughout the transaction. For a free quote contact a broker today for the most cost effective way of dealing with foreign currency.

Why not check out our comparison area to find the best broker for you. You may prefer to use a Money Transfer service when dealing with smaller amounts.

Foreign Currency Exchange for Corporate Clients

Your company may need to make international transfers. The specialist services of a foreign exchange broker offer corporate clients the finest offers available. You can send money to almost all destinations worldwide and get transfers specifically designed to suit the requirements of your business.

To get the most of your currency exchange needs you can profit from the top exchange rates possible regardless of your corporate requirements. With one of the listed brokers you do not have to worry about a lengthy application process. Why not utilise their expertise and excellent customer service.

Visit our comparison area, find a tailor-made service for you and get a response instantly.

Money Transfer Online for Smaller Transfers

For a convenient, stress free way to send smaller amounts overseas Which Way To Pay South Africa can show you a wide variety of services. If you are looking to transfer an amount under R12, 000 a money transfer service can provide excellent exchange rates, and in most instances offer more competitive rates than your bank. Depending on your requirements, chose the service that most suits you and your recipient's needs.

If you need to send money to family or friends abroad you can trust the companies we list with their years of experience all of which can provide a first class service to suit your foreign exchange needs.


Please note that Which Way To Pay South Africa is not authorised to give personal financial advice under the South Africa financial regulations.

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