African Bank Gold Card (Credit Card)Visa Card
The African Bank Gold credit card is extremely useful anywhere in the world. Say who you are without saying a word. Time to switch to a card that makes a statement and performs like you do. The African Bank Visa Gold Card offers you the freedom to live the lifestyle you deserve. 24 hour convenience and worldwide acceptance makes the Gold Credit Card the perfect choice. Please make sure that you read the terms and conditions of this credit card thoroughly so that you fully understand your financial obligations. For more information click here.
Location: South Africa
1. FREE* transaction fees on Silver and Gold Credit Cards when making purchases at a till point
2. FREE* SMS notification service for Silver and Gold Credit Cardholders
3. FREE* ATM withdrawals for Silver and Gold Credit Cardholders for the first four withdrawals
1. There is a monthyl fee of R55.00
2. There is a once off card activation fee R57.00
3. There is a card Card Replacement fee of R88.00
4. 2 free balance enquiries per month, R2.85 thereafter.
1. Personal Security: Cardholders choose a PIN (Personal Identification Number) authorisation, which makes the African Bank Classic Credit Card a secure way to obtain credit and make purchases electronically.
2. SMS notification: Approved cardholders receive SMS messages via cellphone for transactions greater than R100. This helps cardholders monitor spending as well as providing notification of possible fraud being committed on the credit card.
3. Fixed monthly instalments: Cardholders are given greater control over finances with fixed monthly instalments. This benefit also makes budgeting straightforward and simple so that there’s no worries about increasing and varying monthly repayments.
4. Deposits: Cardholders may deposit extra cash into the card at any time, and access the credit whenever and wherever they need it.
5. Credit Life Insurance: Cardholders may choose to take up insurance that offers protection and settlement on any outstanding balances in the event of death, and will pay the monthly instalments in the event of disability or retrenchment.

Interest Rate: As quoted at time of application
Credit Limit: Set out in the Pre-Agreement and Quote
Credit Rebuild: No
Chip and Pin: No
Under 18: Yes
SMS Banking: Yes

Cash Back: N/A
Cash Advances: N/A
Garage: N/A
Balance Transfer: As quoted at time of application
Money Transfer: N/A
New Purchase: N/A

Rewards: N/A
African Bank Gold Card (Which Way To Pay South Africa - 4/2/2013)
African Bank Gold Card is ranked 3 out of 5. Based on 1 review.

3 Star Rating

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