Fast Cash Loans (Consolidation Loan)
Many people who are struggling with debt use a debt consolidation loan to get their finances back in order. We try to to assist you getting access to funds easily and as quickly as possible. Simply follow the below process to submit an application!
Location: South Africa
Lender/Broker: Broker
1. Pre-approval occurs within 24 hours. If you qualify, we will request that you send us additional documentation.
2. Once that step is complete you would be paid out the approved amount within 3 working days
3. Get rid of multiple debts and just pay one, affordable monthly payment.
4. Pay off your debt
5. Blacklisted and Those with Bad Credit Welcome!
1. With larger debt consolidation loans, interest rates can go right up to prime + 9.
Short Term, Payday and Long Term Loans:
1. Small Loans of Under 1000 Up to 20 000
2. Personal Loans, Vehicle Loans, Debt Consolidation And More
3. Blacklisted and Those with Bad Credit Welcome!
Only High Quality Legitimate Loan Providers Are Used
1. Please complete the form on the top of this page and submit.
2. We email you a pre-approval form which you need to email back to us.
3. We then pre-approve your application in 24 hours.
4. Once pre-approved we require you to send us additional documentation.
5. Once this is received you can be paid out in as little as 2 days!

Interest Rate: Varies on lenderLoan Amount: Up to R20 000
Min Term: Varies on lenderMax Term: Varies on lender

Secured Loan: NoUnsecured Loan: Yes

Terms and Conditions:
You must have a South African ID number
Personal, employment and bank details
For individuals seeking a consolidation loan to help group their debt together
You are not eligible for a Fast Cash Loan if you are:
1. Self Employed.
2. Been with current employer for less then 3 months.
3. Those under debt review or administration
Fast Cash Loans (Which Way To Pay South Africa - 3/2/2013)
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3 Star Rating

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