Welcome to out Payment Cards area. There are so many different cards out there on the Australian market that it can be very difficult to find and choose the one which best suits your circumstances. We list numerous different cards in a clear and concise manner so that you can work out which payment card is the best for you. Always Read the small print before you apply.


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Today, paying by card is the preferred payment method making credit cards one of the most popular financial products out there. Credit cards in particular are used by thousands across South Africa but you can also get reward cards and cards especially designed for students. Because they are such an essential product, choosing the right credit card can be difficult especially with so many card providers to choose from. Simply click on one of the links below to view our comparison charts to find the right card for you.

Credit Cards

There are many different credit cards on the market in South Africa and the market is very competitive because they are such a popular product. There are constantly new deals to look out for but they can be difficult to find. With Which Way To Pay South Africa we give you the easiest way to compare some of the best credit cards in the country and make you aware of some of the best offers and benefits available.

For each provider we show you the important features and interest rates as well reviewing the different products to help you make your decision. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR), the general interest rate over a year, is determined on your income and credit history. Once you have found the best credit card for you, you can apply for it easily online through our site.

Student Credit Cards

When you are a student you will need to pay for things like books, travel, accommodation, fees and general living costs. Getting a normal credit card can be difficult because students are unlikely to have a regular salaried income. Student credit cards are widely used across South Africa and are especially created for high school and college students. They do have lower credit rates but are a great way of starting to build up your credit score. As long as they are used correctly you will be in a better financial standing once you have finished your education.

At Which Way To Pay we display not only the main features of a student card but also the additional benefits available specifically for students. Our comparison chart is laid out so you can easily see the different advantages and features of all the different credit cards on offer for South African students.

Reward Credit Cards

Reward credit cards are very popular in South Africa because they allow you to earn rewards as you spend. With a reward card you can get rewarded just for everyday spending and you do not have to change the way you use your credit card. Reward cards carry benefits so that by spending and using the card you collect points with a wide variety of specific reward programs. Some cards reward spending with anything from vouchers to air miles or other discounts.

Cards give rewards to encourage spending so be careful. You can easily compare a range of reward credit cards and the different offers to find one that suits you. The right reward card will depend on your lifestyle.


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