The south African Rand has been hit drastically with the recent Plunge of the Turkish Lira.
31 August 2018 - Which Way To Pay

<H2>Our Homeland Currency South African Rand has taken a drastic hit with the Lira on the drop.
<P>As the news came about earlier this week , we can see that the <A href="””">South African Rand</A> has been dramatically hit with the Tsunami like plunge in the Turkish Lira . This news came about when the Turkish Stock market released figures confirming the Lira had Dropped by as much as 10% . The next currency to the be effected is unfortunately the South African Rand. </P>
<P>Recent analysis has confirmed that the reason the Turkish Lira has taken such a huge Plunge in the stock market , is all surrounding the drop in Tourism in the last 18 Months . AS most country's use some element of Tourism to boost their economy this is where it has been lost . </P>
<P>The South African Rand has always been a strong currency on the stock market , therefore with this news , the south African Rand will see this as a drastic change . Recent reports from a popular bank has urged people to be extra careful when moving monies around etc. as this can also be affected by the Drop . </P>
<P>The one plus side for South Africa in this crisis is that they still have there own established Reserve bank , where as Turkey unfortunately don't have this facility . This again will bring a little more strength and stability to the South African Rand . </P>
<P>The story that is being told of why the Turkish Lira has taken such a big Hit is not only the tourism factor but also because of the Turkish president having a stand off disagreement with the us administrators , therefore once again unfortunately the Currency takes a hit on this . </P>
<P>So lets remember to be extra wary when making any financial decisions at this time with the South African Rand current Situation. </P></H2></H2>