South Africa and India To Strengthen Economic Ties
02 May 2012 17:00 - Crage Campbell


South Africa and India To Strengthen Economic Ties

Indian President Pratibha Patil has met with President Jacob Zuma in Pretoria ahead of business forum on economic links between the two countries. India’s President said that finding business opportunities in South Africa will be the aim of the delegation. She said, “President Zuma and I will be participating in the business forum to listen the views of captains of industries from both sides, and encourage them to contribute to the economic exchanges.” She added, “Indian companies are investing in capacity building by creating jobs and playing an important role in the development and economic growth of South Africa.”

President Zuma said South Africa was looking to strengthen their social, economic and cultural ties and that it was especially important for South Africa to improve its co-operation with India in infrastructure development and trade relations. He said, “We have once again extended an invitation to Indian business to invest in our infrastructure development programme, in which we are to invest more the R800bn until 2014.” Mr Zuma said that both countries had to work harder to reach higher trade figures.

The Indian president said that the two countries would monitor the implementation of previous agreements in areas such as health, science and technology, renewable energy, infrastructure development and energy. They would also work together to ensure their trade was not harmed by piracy in the Indian ocean, “We are deeply committed to working with the government of South African and its people to ensure that our trade routes are not affects and we are able to bring a sense of safety and security.”